Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sport in the Countryside

Football and rugby and basically any other type of sport is perfect for kids to get fit and to get some fresh air. There is nothing like being in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs from your mind and soul !

We really do need to make use of our of outdoor places and encourage more kids into playing sport instead of playing on their consoles. Studies show that around 50 % of children are playing less side than they were 20 years ago. ( stastistics always flucate)

There are always contributing factors as to why this happen such as our green spaces being earmarked for development , such as near me they want to build houses in the countryside near my village which as already succumbed to the urban sprawl. There is less green space Also there is pressures on children at school I have lost the count of the hours my son spends on his homework, course work and revising for exams. This situation is not restricted to teenagers either, children as young as four are being swamped with home work and sometimes homework just takes the fun out of life and prevents they going outside as they are too tired to do anything else.

I have just heard the government is injecting £150 million into primary school sports , I am hoping this is the promise of the Olympic legacy.

And there was one sunny afternoon this week in between the snow showers ! And I managed to take this picture of the village church.

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  1. I agree. People of all ages need to get out and enjoy fresh air and green surroundings - not so easy if you live in a city - but even so a change of scenery lifts the spirits.